December has come to the UK and with it, truly winter. This week so far the warmest day has been 3c. I am not complaining; it is December on an island in the North Atlantic, and we are lucky it is not even colder, thanks to the Gulf Stream.

The weekend and early week saw lots of sales in my shop, so I have been busy packing and shipping. And to add to the mix, two new bunnies arrived yesterday morning; I only knew their ages and had been emailed an old (I know now) photo of them (as young ones). Om…they’re giants. But beautiful girls, both, and very shy and a big frightened. Rightly so. I suspect they were stuck in their hutch for ages, their nails are very long.

So with that, I must go feed all the bunnies, get the day started, and I will be back, hoping later in the day, to visit and chat with you all.

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in case the American news has not let people know

There has been widespread flooding here in the UK since the weekend. Heavy rain has been falling on already saturated ground. They closed a road in a neighbouring village, but where we live it has been safe so far but for loads of mud and being dismal outside. This time of year the sun comes up after 8 AM and sets around 3:30, so even if it does get sunny, there is not much evaporation. Plus it’s not warm enough really for much evaporation. I learned the first year I was here that hanging clothes outside after Nov 1 is futile.

Scotland, Cornwall and Essex seemed to have gotten the worst of it. However two rivers in Northhampton area are forecast to have a great flood risk from heavy runoff building them up. This can take a couple of days to happen as the water drains off the landscape.

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The bunnies take up most of my life. There are 20 here, and we have rescued more than that. Each has their story which will tell why the law here needs to change, as well as the irresponsibility, cruelty, and stupidity of many humans.


You’ve met Henry; he has not bonded with anybunny cause he is a sensitive soul. He loves his stuffies and he loves me. Here he is last night grooming his fav stuffy bear.


big Hermie, rescued in Aug 2011, a real love bug, and Hermie lived unloved and with no shelter or even food for the first 4.5 years of his life; but he loves Masha and is found of an evening in his lap on the sofa; Hermie is a giant and weighs around 4.5 kg


Here is Milo again. He is very special, he has to have his teeth removed in front as soon as they grow back. Surgically. Despite that and his arriving here emaciated, scarred up and filthy, he is full of love and every single night before I go to bed, I kiss his head. He snores and it sounds like a kazoo. He’s tiny and weighs only 1.2 kg.


Here are Maus and Coffee, both part of Milo’s family. The people had decided to breed bunnies but then did not know what to do with them, so they lived crammed in a small hutch inbreeding and fighting. These two live outside in a big run with a 3 storey house attached. I think they look so cute together.


Max and Vuvuzella, some of you might remember them, they are bunnies 4 and 5 that we rescued (2010). They have a shed-house with a run attached.


Gorsky and Dani in the play area. Where she goes, he follows. Here they are being able to run and jump, something they never could do in the shithole they used to live in. Ironically the woman had a huge walled garden that they could gaze upon from their crappy tiny hutch.


Here is Rupert, who we adopted in 2010 from a shelter. He lives outside in an 8 foot long house with two extensions. Here he is chillin in his Binky Box. He loves to sit in it and glare at everyone. He only likes me and that is that. He bites Masha so he can not live in the house. But I let him out with me into the garden and he gets full run of it when I am outside, usually daily. He has gotten very grumpy in his old age, but I still love him.


Rupert stretching his legs


Levi and Burgess, rescued 2011; Levi was in a pet shop and had runny poos and flies were all around, and he was a wee baby all alone in that little cage. It was during a heatwave. I had to buy him though it is against my convictions. The next day I marched into that shop and read them the riot act. They were rude. I am working to get the law changed in the UK so that it will be illegal to sell rabbits in shops and on gumtree. Burgess and her sister Shale, I rescued from an idiot in January 2011. Yes, they have matching wonky ears. I call them Thing 1 and Thing 2 because they are always into and up to something naughty.

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Friday is post piccies of your varmints day.

I almost forgot!

Shale asleep in her Ugli Donut last night

Jack auditioning for a part in Jailhouse Rock, at the gate

four baby mice in the kindness trap – you know it’s November in England when you get mice in your house

Fifi Lapin, our beautiful Netherland Dwarf girl, Jack’s bun-wife

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winter has arrived in the UK

Weather Warning

Friday 23rd November

AMBER WARNING of HEAVY RAIN for Devon, Somerset, Northeast Somerset, Bristol, SOuth Gloucestershire, South Wales and West Wales.

Further persistent rain will spread across the area on Saturday, turning heavy at times, especially later. Given existing levels of saturation, the public should be prepared for localised flooding. A further 20 to 40 mm of rain is possible for some places.

Valid 1000 to 2359 Saturday.

Friday 23rd November

YELLOW WARNING of HEAVY RAIN for Wales, Southwest England, Northwest England and the Midlands.

Further persistent rain will spread across England and Wales on Saturday, turning heavy at times later. Given existing levels of saturation, the public should be aware of the risk of localised flooding.

In addition, winds will strengthen, bringing the risk of gusts into the 60’s of MPH in exposed parts of Southwest England during the evening, which could cause damage to trees.

Valid 1000 to 2359 Saturday.

Friday 23rd November

EARLY YELLOW WARNING of WINDS for Southeast England.

Gale to severe gale force westerly or southwesterly winds are expected to affect southeastern parts of England during Sunday morning. The public should be aware of difficult driving conditions and damage to trees.

Valid 0001 to 1200 on Sunday.

Friday 23rd November

EARLY YELLOW WARNING of RAIN for Wales, the Midlands, Northern England, southern Scotland and eastern parts of Northern Ireland.

Persistent rain will continue to push north across the UK through Sunday, turning heavy in places but clearing quite quickly from the south. Given existing levels of saturation, the public should be aware of the risk of localised flooding.

Valid 0001 to 2359 Sunday.

Friday 23rd November

EARLY YELLOW WARNING of RAIN for Wales and Southwest England.

Heavy rain is expected to spread northeastwards during Monday, to affect parts of southwest England and Wales. The public should be aware of the possibility of flooding and disruption to travel.


MY weather forecast for the UK for this weekend: The weather will be shyte. It’s the third week of November on an island in the North Atlantic. Wear a raincoat and a warm hat.

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more squee/I been res-cute photos


our Henry, rescued with Jack, on his mini-rug




two sisters who were dropped off here earlier this month, in a cardboard box taped shut; both are at a bigger sanctuary now and doing fine




Poppy and her son Pedro, rescued May 2012. Poppy killed the rest of her babies from stress before we could rescue them. But she and Pedro, who is now 6 months old, are doing well and living here with us. They are up for adoption.


Gorsky and Dani California, rescued from the same idiot who had Poppy and Pedro. Gorsky is mostly blind from neglect, but he lives happily with his Dani. They are very much in love. They will live with us forever, we keep all the special needs buns.


beautiful Dani




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