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Aeons ago, when some of us first met, like Amelie and me, I wrote a beauty and style blog. I am not the savviest fashionista nor the biggest user of makeup on the planet to be sure, but I like writing about these topics because they have a big impact on the planet and its creatures.  here it is, and it should inspire me to wordpress more often

Please join me for some girl time!

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Why is there an Easter bunny?  for more info

I have since immigrating here become aware of the ancient Eostre. The story is that she rescued an injured hare and it became her consort. I love the idea of her. You can extract all sorts of words from her name, including estrogen. And how about Easter?

I am not a church going person. (I am also not an atheist nor writing about Eostre to argue religion and please do not try it on with me, I will ignore it) So the “real meaning of Easter” is lost on me if it involves people coming back from the dead.


As her legend became glorified, she became associated with the sun rising in the east, the month of April, fertility, grain, rebirth, and the Equinox. They even said she could take the form of a hare when necessary.

What I do love is that she obviously helped animals.

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I shall make it my mission to check in on everyone this weekend. I miss you guys!

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baby it’s cold outside

baby it's cold outside

Masha 7 AM freezing his bollocks off smoking a ciggy – Spring has not made it to the UK yet! See the snow coming down around him!

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new giant girls, now house bunnies

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hat in my new hat shop

hat in my new hat shop

hat in my new hat shop

please check out the shop

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countdown to the holidays

Sorry everyone, I am so busy! We have more rescued bunnies too! Giants!

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